About AmeriGreen Organics

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce the consistently highest-quality locally grown industrial CBD-rich and fiber-rich hemp in New Mexico and beyond, wherever we produce - indoors or outdoors. We are built to produce premium-quality hemp seeds & clones, hemp fiber, hemp biomass, and hemp CBD health & wellness products for wholesale distribution and a superior line of retail products for the public market - to meet growing demand in the expanding global industrial hemp & retail markets. 

What We Do

We produce high-quality CBD-rich and fiber-rich industrial hemp in New Mexico now, and will do so across America in the future.  Our company is vertically integrated with our core focus in four areas: Growing CBD-rich & fiber hemp; Raw isolate | distillate distribution; Product brand development , marketing &  distribution to retailers; and Development of our branded retail store footprint and expansion of our online store.

Hemp is a fast-growing, environmentally friendly plant that is one of the most diversely applied and sustainable crops in the world.  In most countries hemp is defined as cannabis with less than 0.3% THC on a dry weight basis.  We are now operating forward with production at full speed ahead due to the passage of the 2018 Hemp Farming Act that fully legalizes industrial hemp and all products created from it.

Our Promise

AmeriGreen Organics promises to deliver consistently high quality from start to finish in everything we do and every product we produce. We promise to give everyone we serve an impeccable customer experience.

How We Are Built

Our company has multiple divisions designed to create revenue for our operational footprint as follows:

  • Outdoor Fiber / Flower Cultivation
  • Fiber Processing | Hempcrete Mfg.
  • Indoor Flower Cultivation
  • Indoor Smokable Flower Processing
  • Extraction Laboratory
  • Brand / Product Development
  • Boutique Product Manufacturing
  • Wholesale | E-Commerce | Retail Sales

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