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AmeriGreen Organics is ramping up operations in multiple locations in New Mexico, and we're looking for motivated and passionate individuals to join our team of professionals dedicated to making our company a leader in the field and a major contributor to New Mexico becoming #1 in America for industrial hemp production. The types of jobs we are seeking to fill range from seed handling and germination to field cultivation in planting, crop management, harvesting and processing. Check out job category details below for positions with our production subsidiary Mesilla Valley Organics; and if you are ready to join our dynamic team devoted to being the biggest and best, take the first step to coming aboard by filling out the form that follows.

Pre-Planting Staff – Working with our cultivation leaders to germinate new seeds as the first phase of plant production. Tend to the sprouts until they are large and strong enough to plant in outdoor fields. Assist in male | female plant separation and organizing segregated batches for planting in their corresponding grow locations. Assist in field and soil cultivation prior to planting.

Outdoor Planting & Crop Management Staff – Working with our cultivation leaders to plant new starts in our fields across southern New Mexico during both planting seasons each year. Work with the cultivation leaders to manage crop growth and maintain strong crop health.

Harvesting Staff – Working with our cultivation leaders to successfully harvest crops during both harvesting seasons each planting year, and transferring freshly harvested crops to curing locations for drying.

Processing Staff – Working with our cultivation leaders to manage the plant drying process and bundle plants for customer shipment and transfer to our processing and isolation facility.

Indoor Grow Facility Staff - Working with our cultivation leaders to set up and operate year-round indoor grow facilities in multiple locations in New Mexico. Perform tasks from seed germination to final harvesting and processing for shipment.

Isolation & Extraction Staff - Work with our processing leader to isolate and purify hemp extracts for wholesale distribution and processing into  refined high-grade CBD products.


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